Customer Service and FAQ

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We put a very high priority on customer service. We believe in the power of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Below there are some of the areas you may feel you need assistance in. We have provided some FAQ to help you to get better understanding of each area. You can browse through them and if you have any additional questions then please contact us on our email Or call us to +420 296 236 831.


Q: What is OFF-LINE mode ?
A: In ON-LINE mode you will get the reservation and the payment will be realized in just a few seconds. OFF-line mode means that the reception of the hotel will contact you if there are any special conditions. The reservation will be valid after the confirmation of the hotel which you will receive to your email address. Also the payment will be requested from you only after the confirmation of the reservation by the hotel.

Your Feedback

Q: I’d like to make some comments about your system, where can I do this?
A: If you have any comments, suggestions, claims, do not hesitate and send your email to We will be happy to arrange for it.