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On-line payment

Please contact the pension first for room availability, you will be given a unique Reference number and Password. Fill in the reference number and password obtained (via e-mail, fax, phone) and the appropriate amount for the on-line payment of the chosen accommodation. You will find all information about secure payment below on this page.

The payments are made in CZK (Czech Crowns). The rate between Your currency and CZK is calculated automatically in your bank. Current rate (Czech National Bank):

The processing can take some time so be patient enough and don´t input the data for the second time. Also don´t use buttons like refresh, back, forward, etc. After the succesful accomplishing of the transaction you will be duly informed and only after that you can terminate the browser.

Amount*: CZK
Reference number*:
The payment information will be sent to your e-mail address..
Payment purpose:

All data marked with asterisk (*) are obligatory and must be filled in.


Wie accept following credit card: MasterCard, Maestro, VISA a VISA Electron

The payment procedure :

1. First of all you will see a message that you are just being forwarded to the secure zone. Press OK now.
2. You will see the form. Please fill in the form. The compulsory data are the amount to be paid, reference number and password you obtained from us before. The other data like email adress are optional.
3. Press the button SEND
4. Now you will see the page confirming that you reached the correct payment gateway. On the same page you can also find our address Ing. Roman Miksatko, Stitneho 13, 130 00, Praha 3, CZ, shop:
5. On this page you must fill the payment data as requested.
6. Press the button 'Make payment'. Don´t press the button OK (if you have done it nothing happened – just press the button 'Make payment' now)
7. If your credit card is secured by you personal password, you will be asked for it. So fill this password and press the button 'Submit'.
8. Now you will be informed if the payment was realized or rejected.

If the payment rejected the following errors are possible:

1. The data concerning your card are not correct. Please check.
2. The payment limit was exceeded.
3. Your card is not allowed for internet online payments. Please contact your bank.
4. There was a mistake in the above procedure. Please restart your browser and repeat more carefully.

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